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At the forefront of the UNSW UN Society’s calendar is the University Diplomacy Conference, a two day intensive program designed to introduce students to the exciting world of diplomacy and international affairs. Held in July during the mid-year break, the Conference focuses primarily on skills development, bringing together like-minded university students from across Sydney to learn a whole range of practical skills relevant to the field of international affairs including public speaking, negotiation, leadership, research and communication. These core skills can be applied in a future career, in the classroom or at Model United Nations conferences and beyond.

The Conference is structured around both large plenary sessions and smaller interactive skills workshops, which build on the larger sessions and give participants a practical opportunity to develop their skills. The Conference also features a number of prominent guest speakers from a variety of backgrounds to give students a unique insight into the inner workings of international politics and diplomacy. In 2014, the Conference featured a whole range of speakers from different areas of the international relations field, including Yasmin Abdel-Magied (founder of Youth Without Borders), the Hon. Michael Kirby, former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, and noted activist Eva Cox.

The huge popularity and success of the program since its inception as a UNSW event in 2009 encouraged our society to expand its scope in 2012 to include students from other universities including the University of Sydney, the University of Technology and Macquarie University. In 2013-14 the Conference further expanded to become a showcase event for students from all around Australia interested in global issues and the inner workings of international relations. In 2015 conference was an engaging, educational and enjoyable weekend for all interested students. In 2016, the conference introduced two separate streams for attendees to focus on their interests: the international diplomacy and international law streams, which featured specialised workshops.

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