Model United Nations is a core element of the UN Society at UNSW, and along with going to conferences, miniature model United Nations simulations known as “MiniMUNs” are a staple in the UN Society diet. Generally occupying a two-hour slot in the afternoon, MiniMUNs are run every two to three weeks in varying locations across campus.

MiniMUNs provide a great means for delegates to hone their communication and diplomacy skills, and to become more proficient at engaging with debate. Topics are modelled on prominent current affairs, gripping crises and pivotal historical milestones of international relations, covering areas from bioethics and food security to minority rights and cyberspace.

To help paint a clearer picture of what MiniMUNs are all about, here’s some answers to all your fun FAQs:

What is a Mini MUN?

Mini Model UN sessions are model UN debates squished into the space of an afternoon.

But what do you debate about?

Any topic of international significance! The topic is different every time, and could range from nuclear disarmament, to climate change, to cyber crime, to infectious diseases, to child soldiers, to maternal mortality, to literacy, and beyond!

How do I prepare for a Mini MUN?

You don’t! Research beforehand is great, but not necessary. Our Model UN Director, Jarrod Mitchell, facilitates all aspects of MiniMUN coordination, and this includes helping you along with basic background info on the topic at hand. The main idea is to get practicing those MUN skills.

So how will I know when the next Mini MUN is?

MiniMUNs are advertised as separate event pages on Facebook, along with updates on the UN Society Facebook page and an update via the email Newsletter. These will tell you everything: date, time, place, topic and any other info you need to know!