Created in 1995 by our very own society, the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference is an annual event during the mid-year recess that gathers students from the region to participate in a model UN. Run by students for students, the conference consists of around 25 committees and is held in a different city in the region every year. What distinguishes AMUNC most from other model UN conferences is its committee sizes. Committees at AMUNC are smaller than in many others, often around 25 – 30 members. Countries are represented by individual delegates instead of pairs. This means that each individual is given a much greater opportunity to engage in committee sessions and play a larger role in forming resolutions. AMUNC is an innovative conference that has incorporated new committees into the forum every year, such as supranational bodies like the European Commission, African Union and the Senior Management Committee. Our society has been well represented at this conference ever since its inception, sending more than 50 students to the host city in recent years and earning awards like the Best Large Delegation Award in 2011. The combination of intimate committees and nightly socials makes AMUNC an annual event for our society.