NCMUN draws on the unique opportunities Canberra has to offer to those interested in international relations. The proximity to embassies, the diplomatic corps, Australian politicians, DFAT officials, and the academic staff at Australia’s only top 20 university means that NCMUN is able to offer delegates an experience no other conference can. The National Capital Model United Nations (NCMUN) is a student-run Model UN conference. Inaugurated in 2014, NCMUN’s third iteration is set to the best yet, with a wider range of speakers, committees, and socials than ever before, including new Specialised Agencies that have never been seen on the Australian Model UN circiut.

The conference is an academic and public speaking conference that brings three hundred students from across the country to participate in a simulation of the international political landscape where they take on the roles of diplomats, ambassadors, judges, journalists, and NGO agents. These delegates meet in organisations that span the globe – including committees in the UN system, Bretton Woods institutions, international courts, news rooms, and national cabinets – and they work together to find solutions to international challenges,learn and build their negotiation and problem solving skills, and meet like-minded students from different backgrounds, cultures, and fields of study.

UNSW UNSOC has sent large delegations in past years, with successful results and look forward to NCMUN once again this year.